Friday, March 2, 2007


Virgina "Ginny" Garcia was an 18-year-old college freshman when she was murdered with a butcher knife in her own house, in her own room, on her own bed allegedly by an illegal alien. The accused murderer, David Diaz Morales, whom the Austin police had earlier held in custody for child molestation, had been released rather than deported because of the city's sanctuary policy.
Incidentally, Rep. Tom Tancredo tried to end the criminal-protection sanctuary policy in 2003, but Congress was deaf to the concerns of victims' families and law enforcement generally: the bill received only 104 votes out of 424 cast. So much for the "nation of laws" myth we hear celebrated by politicians when they are campaigning for re-election. When push comes to shove, most choose political correctness — in this case "say no evil" against so-called immigrants — rather than law enforcement.
Jenny's father, Humberto Garcia, wants to know why the Austin city government protects foreign criminals so they can kill innocent young girls like his late daughter. He appeared on CNN's must-watch Lou Dobbs Tonight March 16 to speak on behalf of all grieving families who have lost a loved one due to irresponsible government at multiple levels, from the Austin City Council to the White House. The sanctuary policy created by the Austin public officials directly contributed to his daughter's death, as Mr. Garcia stated:

This is an abuse of civil rights. Her civil rights were trampled by a fellow who should have been deported. He should have been turned into immigration once he was found with illegal documentation, and he was not. (Dobbs transcript here.)

This case shows how ridiculously hamstrung law enforcement has become when an "immigrant" is involved. An accused child molester was released to commit an even more heinous crime, that of murder, and if the government had done its basic job of keeping the monsters of the world out of our country, Jenny Garcia would be alive today.
Update: On March 22, Bill O'Reilly interviewed Humberto Garcia, where he explained the devastation his family has experienced after the murder and his efforts to sue the city of Austin for the sanctuary policy which directly contributed to Jenny Garcia's death.

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