Thursday, March 22, 2007


Americans Are Dying
Most lawmakers seem unconcerned about the impact on our society of the flood of illegal immigrants across our wide-open borders. At this point, very few congressmen acknowledge the heart-wrenching stories of Americans losing family members because foreign nationals have chosen to break our laws, first by entering this country illegally and then by ignoring the basic laws of civilized society. U.S. Representative Steve King reported that we lose 13 Americans per day to drunken and/or unlicensed illegal aliens. He also reported that we lose an additional 12 Americans per day to murder by illegal aliens, and that 8 American children per day are molested by illegal aliens.

Failure to Protect & Defend
Many Americans are wondering why their government has forsaken them by not enforcing our immigration laws. There are many unanswered questions.
· Why are U.S. judges releasing illegal aliens who have committed crime after crime into the general public time after time to commit more crimes instead of deporting them?
· Why does local law enforcement, with the opportunity to safeguard Americans, seem more concerned with safeguarding criminal illegal aliens?
· Why do mainstream media usually barely cover the news of American citizen deaths or injuries at the hands of illegal aliens and more often than not, obfuscate the details of illegal alien crimes?
· Why does Congress seem to be ignoring the safety, welfare, and civil rights of American citizens?

The Impact On American Families
Thousands of Americans daily are separated from their loved ones by the black mask of death. They stand heartbroken and in tears watching their loved ones with faces covered by sheets being loaded onto gurneys and taken by ambulance to mortuaries—American mothers and fathers never again to hear the sweet laughter their dead children, and American children never again to be cuddled by their mothers or read to by their fathers.
Here are some of their stories, the ones being ignored by Congress, downplayed by law enforcement, and under-reported by mainstream media. Please pass these stories along to anyone and everyone—to state, local and federal legislators, to newspapers, radio, television, and person to person. And please visit…