Friday, June 15, 2007


Gang Rape by Illegals
Posted: 6:15 PM Jun 14, 2007Last Updated: 11:03 PM Jun 14, 2007
Reporter: Christian De La Rosa
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Four Illegal Aliens are Jailed on Charges of Raping a Local Woman
Four Mexican men, in the U.S. illegally, are in the Bay County Jail charged with sexual battery.
Cedar Grove police say four illegal immigrants invited two women to what was supposed to be a birthday party at their Cedar Grove trailer Sunday. When the women walked in, they found themselves alone with seven men demanding sexual favors.
One of the women ran out the door, but investigators say the men grabbed the other woman, took her to a bedroom, and pinned her down.
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The 20-year-old claims three men held her while a fourth raped her. The woman told police she tried to get back inside to help her friend, but was locked out.
After the incident one of the suspects drove the two women home where they called police. Police say some of the men were so drunk police threw a bucket of water on them to wake them.
Guy Turcotte, Cedar Grove Police Chief, said, "All four subjects were placed under arrest for sexual battery. Their records are being held for INS for questioning and possible deportation, depending on the outcome of the charges filed against them."
The four illegal aliens are all in their early 20s.

Thursday, June 14, 2007


By Tana Ross, Potpourri Contributing Writer
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Magnolia Police Department Chief Ron Cunningham says his department is seeking information and possibly other victims in a case that has resulted in a charge of indecency with a child being filed against Mauricio Romero Ojeda, 29, a Mexican national.
"We need people to come forward," Cunningham said. "This suspect lived with a local family for several years and other families lived at the same residence during that time."
The charge was filed against Ojeda after he attempted suicide April 29 at a Goodson Street residence where he was living in the city of Magnolia. It was shortly before he severely cut his left arm that the a child under the age of 10 who lived in the home confessed to his mother that Ojeda had committed at least one sexual act with her son. Police believe Ojeda reacted to the discovery with despair and cut himself. Ojeda was arrested on May 1 for indecency with a child, a third degree felony, and taken to the Montgomery County Jail in Conroe where he remains. It was previously reported that there was more than one suspect in this case; Ojeda is the only suspect in the case, according to MPD and Chief Cunningham. On June 4 the Montgomery County District Attorney's office notified MPD that Ojeda's case is pending a grand jury review for indictment.Anyone with information concerning this suspect, or anyone who believes they or someone they know may have been victimized by Ojeda is asked to call the Magnolia Police Department at 281-356-2500.E-mail The Potpourri at