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Alejandro Xuya-Sian

BY ALFONSO A. CASTILLO | alfonso.castillo@newsday.comAlejandro Xuya-Sian did more than shred the skin on his victim's body -- he shredded his victim's dignity, making him feel "too embarrassed" by his appearance to face the drunken driver who nearly dragged him to his death, a judge said as he sentenced Xuya-Sian to 3 1/3 to 10 years in prison.

"You didn't just injure him physically. You shattered his life," Suffolk County Judge James Hudson told Xuya-Sian before he imposed his sentence. Hudson said Xuya-Sian treated his victim with less regard than he should "an injured animal."

Xuya-Sian, 27, pleaded guilty last month to vehicular assault, driving while intoxicated, leaving the scene of an accident and other charges.

Suffolk prosecutors said Xuya-Sian struck Anselmo Chin-Sabam, 21, with his 2002 GMC Envoy in the parking lot of a Riverhead bar in April. Chin-Sabam became lodged in the front left wheel of the SUV, and had his skin shredded as Xuya-Sian drove three-quarters of a mile before realizing he was there.

Assistant District Attorney Thalia Stavrides said Xuya-Sian "stopped the car, got out and undoubtedly dislodged him from the car," then kept driving, crashing into a tree about two miles away. Stavrides said Xuya-Sian was arrested with blood-alcohol level of .08 percent, right at the legal limit.

Chin-Sabam suffered first-degree burns on more than 40 percent of his body, multiple fractures and had some parts of his body torn to the muscle, Stavrides said. He is still recovering and was in no condition to be in court Thursday, she said.

Given the opportunity to make a statement before receiving his sentence, Xuya-Sian began speaking when his Legal Aid attorney, Bryan Browns, interrupted him. Browns took him to the side, and then said his client would remain silent.

Browns said Xuya-Sian, an illegal immigrant, had two children and a wife in his native Guatemala and had been working a $450-a week job to help support them.

"He regrets and he takes full responsibility for what happened," Browns said in court. "I think his time in prison is going to allow him to reflect and get on with his life."

Hudson said he would recommend that Xuya-Sian be deported after completing his sentence -- a sentence that Hudson said was "too lenient" because of limitations of law.

"[The sentence] is not enough to give consolation to your victim that this is how such a violation of his body was punished," Hudson said.


Murdered father is laid to rest - Mourners gather for Anthony Senisi funeral

The rain-swept morning did little to hide the rivers of tears that flowed openly Friday as mourners paid their final respects to Brighton Beach murder victim Anthony Senisi.

Dozens of people flocked to Guardian Angel Church, 2987 Ocean Parkway, on August 10 for the moving funeral mass. Those in attendance included Borough President Marty Markowitz and a host of cops from the 68th Precinct in Bay Ridge, who acted as pall bearers.

Senisi’s brother is a cop from the 68th Precinct, mourners said.

But, as the service continued, news that detectives from the 60th Precinct had apprehended Senisi’s killer did little to console mourners.

“You probably can’t put this in the paper, but that guy is a piece of sh--,” Scott Palma of PR Plumbing and Heating said of 19-year-old Meja Cinto, who has been charged with murdering Senisi on the night of August 4.

Police said that Senisi had just bought some milk from a corner store on Neptune Avenue and was on his way home, to the 2850 block of Brighton 6th Street, when Cinto allegedly attacked him.

Despite being stabbed, Senisi managed to stumble home, where he fell into the arms of his stunned father, 77-year-old Anthony Senisi, Sr., who had just gone outside to see why it had taken his son so long to return.

“Daddy, call the police, someone hit me,” the elder Senisi recalled his son saying, barely containing his grief in front of reporters the day after his son died. “He didn’t even know he had been stabbed. But he had blood all over him. I had blood over my arms. I just laid him down and hugged him.”

Senisi died in his father’s arms – right in front of his 11-year-old son -- just moments before paramedics arrived to render aid. Friends and family members said that he spent the day with his wife, celebrating their 17th wedding anniversary. Senisi is also remembered by a teenage daughter.

After a brief investigation, investigators set their sights on Cinto, who police allege may have lashed out against the neighborhood plumber because he himself had been beaten and stabbed during an earlier neighborhood scuffle.

Looking for vengeance, police alleged that he attacked Senisi, who may have been wearing the same Yankee jersey as one of Cinto’s attackers.

Cops described Cinto as a illegal alien and gang member.

Although he had his share of run-ins with police in the past, Brooklyn prosecutors said that he’s never been arrested in the borough before.

As the investigation progressed, cops tracked Cinto down to Hazelton, Pennsylvania, where he was arrested on August 8.

“He [Cinto] should have been deported a long time ago. He had a prior record,” said an outraged Palma who said that Senisi could “always put a smile on your face.”

“He was a great guy,” Palma said of Senisi. “I can’t say enough about how great he was.”

Another mourner said that his older brother was so distraught over the killing that he is thinking of early retirement from the NYPD.

“He doesn’t want to go back to the job,” the mourner said.

Cops from the 68th Precinct reportedly helped collect money to help pay for funeral costs.

Cinto, who has been charged with murder in the second degree and criminal possession of a weapon, was remanded to custody after his arraignment last week.

According to prosecutors, Cinto was seen stabbing Senisi one time in the left side of the torso during an altercation at the corner of Brighton 6th Street and Brighton 4th Terrace. Even the witness, however, could expound upon why he targeted Sinisi, who had nothing to do with the earlier attack.

The stab wound pierced an artery, according to the medical examiner.

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Friday, August 17, 2007

Mount Clemens man dies after golf club attack; sheriff to seek murder charges

George Hunter / The Detroit News

MOUNT CLEMENS -- What started as an argument between neighbors over a barking dog led to an assault with a golf club that left a 44-year-old man dead, police say.

Steve Tocco of Mount Clemens died Thursday in Mount Clemens Regional Hospital after his neighbor, 22-year-old Alberto Barajas-Enriquez, hit him in the head with a No. 2 driver, Macomb County Sheriff Mark Hackel said.

"We got a 911 call at about 6:50 p.m. Tuesday from the victim, who said he'd been assaulted by his neighbor," Hackel said. "Apparently, they had been arguing for some time about the suspect's dog, that he was barking and (the owner) wasn't picking up after it."

On Tuesday, the longstanding argument between the two residents of the apartment complex on Comet Street turned violent, Hackel said.

"For some reason, Enriquez left his apartment, went outside and grabbed a No. 2 driver," Hackel said. "Then he entered his neighbor's apartment without permission and started swinging the club at him. He hit him several times -- once in the head."

Tocco was transported to the hospital, and Barajas-Enriquez was arrested and charged Wednesday with assault with intent to do great bodily harm and home invasion. Bond was set at $20,000, "but there was also an immigration hold on him, so he was kept in the jail," Hackel said. He added he was not sure whether Barajas-Enriquez was an illegal immigrant.

"Then we got a call (Thursday) that the victim passed away," Hackel said. "An autopsy showed he died of blunt-force trauma to the head."

Hackel said he will seek second-degree murder charges against Barajas-Enriquez.

You can reach George Hunter at (586) 468-7396 or

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Terry Funderburk and Illegal Immigration

by Douglas Gibbs - Filed Under Immigration, Douglas Gibbs

Terry Funderburk is a businessman. His business is in the construction industry in Columbia, South Carolina. He runs an honest business and is proud of it. According to Terry, however, his business is being put out of business because of companies hiring illegal aliens to do the same kind of work at “slave wages.”

Mad as hell, he decided to do something about it!

American Citizens, we do what we can to make a living, and the government is unwilling to enforce the laws on the books when it comes to an invasion from the south, or to stop invaders from any point of the border as a national security issue, for that matter, which in the long run puts us at risk in so many ways. Heck, certain members of the government even complains that the oil companies are making too much money! Do you know where that profit goes? Stock holders. Folks like you and me investing in stocks so that they can have some kind of retirement since the government has squandered Social Security. Now, folks like Terry can’t make ends meet because the government refuses to enforce the laws on the books.

Do we blame Terry Funderburk for being angry?

Terry is the new image of the American Worker. He took a stand, and was arrested for it. This is no longer a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. This current system is favoring those that are not even citizens with preferential treatment.

Terry says: “It is time to get angry, fellow Americans, it is time to get out of your homes and start setting things right again. It is time to vote out all of the bums who are profaning this great nation and to set her right again. It is time to take back our country.”

Terry Funderburk will be my guest on August 15th on Political Pistachio Radio
(Atlas Shrugs will be my guest this coming Saturday!). Tune in live, and call into the show to let your voice be heard! Be angry! Terry is correct! It is time to take back our country.

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Contributed by Douglas V. Gibbs of Political Pistachio.

Indiantown illegal immigrant arrested on child molestation charge

— A 52-year-old illegal immigrant has been arrested and charged with sexual battery on a child after allegedly molesting a 6-year-old boy, according to Martin County Sheriff’s Office reports.

Ruben Hernandez-Juarez, who lived in the 15800 block of Southwest Osceola Street in Indiantown, was arrested Tuesday for the alleged incident, which occurred on Sunday, according to reports.

The arresting detective requested Hernandez-Juarez be held without bail because he is an illegal resident.


Ramirez was arrested Wednesday afternoon in the area of 7200 S. Atlanta Ave., where he was working on a nearby house, according to police records.

He was booked into jail at 5:20 p.m. on a single sexual battery complaint and out standing court costs related to a previous encounter with the law, according to jail records.

Ramirez was charged less than two years ago with first-degree burglary and sexual battery against an adult female in Broken Arrow, said Maj. Mark Irwin of the Broken Arrow Police Department.

But court records show Ramirez was only convicted for trespassing, a misdemeanor.

Records at the time of the 2005 arrest do not indicate an effort was made to determine the immigration status of Ramirez, Irwin said.

Immigration officials said Thursday there was "no record of a 2005 conviction of this alien."

Immigration checks were not done in the Tulsa County Jail, as they are now, when Ramirez was booked there in August 2005, said Chief Deputy Tim Albin of the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office.

The Sheriff's Office took over jail operations July 1, 2005, and did not begin its current practice of checking immigration status until several months later, Albin said.

Ramirez was being held on a $2,717.40 bond.

"He won't go anywhere until his charges are either resolved or he bonds out and is turned over to ICE (immigration officials)," Albin said.

Illegal immigrants convicted of aggravated felonies are subject to immediate deportation after any related prison sentence is served.

Ramirez approached the 16-year-old victim and made inappropriate statements, according to a police report.

Later, the teenager saw Ramirez near a community pool talking with several young boys, the report says.

"The teenager went over to the suspect, at which time the suspect made inappropriate contact with the victim," according to the report.

Leigh Bell 581-8465

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Guatemalan arrested in crash

Illegal immigrant held in U.S. 29 hit-and-run that killed two road workers

A Guatemalan man who is in the United States illegally was arrested early Tuesday on hit-and-run charges after a traffic accident that killed two Baltimore-area men and injured three other highway construction workers on the side of U.S. 29 in Montgomery County, police said.

The crash just over the Howard County line was the latest in a series of fatal traffic accidents involving illegal immigrant drivers in Maryland. It also added two names to the list of highway workers killed in on-the-job crashes recently.

James Cronin, 37, of the 7200 block of Judy Road in Glen Burnie, was flown to Maryland Shock Trauma Center on Monday in critical condition and died late Tuesday morning, according to Officer Melanie Hadley, a spokeswoman for the Montgomery County Police Department.

The previous day, Martin Ruffin, 30, of the 1800 block of Moreland Ave. in West Baltimore, was pronounced dead at the scene of the 1 p.m. crash. Three others were taken to hospitals with injuries.

Montgomery police said the driver of a white Ford Econoline 150 fled on foot after plowing into a construction truck and hitting the workers, who were sitting on a guardrail taking a break.

Manuel De Jesus Gonzalez-Geronimo, 31, of Hyattsville turned himself in to Prince George's County police about 12:30 a.m. Tuesday, authorities said.

Gonzalez-Geronimo was turned over to Montgomery County police and charged with failure to remain at the scene of a collision involving death and bodily injury and with driving without a license, police said. At a hearing Tuesday, he was ordered held without bond at the Montgomery County Detention Center.

Lucille Baur[CQ], another Montgomery police spokeswoman, said that Gonzalez-Geronimo said during the hearing that he is an undocumented worker from Guatemala.

The crash was one of several recent fatalities in Maryland for which illegal immigrants face charges.

In May, 20-year-old Mark Watson, a University of Maryland sophomore from Ellicott City, was killed in a hit-and-run crash in College Park. Police charged Never L. Navar ro-Montoya, 24, an illegal Mexican immigrant who had no driver's license, with driving under the influence of alcohol, fleeing the scene of an accident and possessing a false government identification.

In November, Eduardo Raul Morales-Soriano, an illegal Mexican immigrant who lived in Laurel, was indicted on charges of manslaughter and negligent homicide while under the influence after a Thanksgiving night crash at Routes 175 and 108, records show. Jennifer Bower, 24, of Montgomery County and Marine Cpl. Brian Mathews, 21, of Columbia were killed. The trial is set for Sept. 18.

Monday's accident also provided a grim reminder of the dangers of working on Maryland's highways.

In June, State Highway Administration worker Richard W. Moser, 57, was struck and killed by a pickup truck while leading a maintenance team sweeping the shoulder of a highway ramp near Frederick.

Eight days earlier, Baltimore prison inmate James Morton-Bey, 27, died while serving on a work crew when a car ran off the inner loop of the Capital Beltway in Prince George's County and struck him.

The five highway workers in Monday's accident were employed by PDI Sheetz Construction Co., according to State Highway Administration spokeswoman Valerie Burnette Edgar. A woman who answered the phone at the Linthicum Heights company said officials there had no comment on the accident.

Burnette Edgar said the company was performing work under a contract with the state. She said that even though they were not state employees, news of the deaths "sends chills down everybody's spine" at the highway agency.

In a typical year, about 1,000 people are killed in work- zone accidents on U.S. highways. Generally, motorists account for 85 percent of the fatalities, while 15 percent -- many of them highway workers -- are non-motorists.

Last year, there were 13 fatalities in work-zone crashes in Maryland, according to the state highway agency. Over the previous five years, the numbers have fluctuated from a low of five to a high of 20.

The injured victims of Monday's accident in Burtonsville were identified Tuesday morning as Jose Padillo, 35, of Glen Burnie, and Columbia residents Hugo Perez, 28, and Rafael Ramos, 30.

A spokeswoman for Washington Hospital Center said Ramos was discharged Tuesday. She said Perez was in fair condition.

Delores Butler, a spokeswoman for Prince George's Hospital Center, said she could find no record of Padillo having been treated there. Montgomery County police were unable to explain the discrepancy but said Padillo had been expected to survive.

A woman who answered the phone at Ramos' home and identified herself as his sister said he had suffered a head injury and was too ill to speak with a reporter.

The accident occurred in Burtonsville in the northbound lanes of U.S. 29, just north of Route 198 near the Howard County line.

Police said the Ford work van went out of control and struck one of three parked trucks on the side of the road. The impact sent the van to the right and into the five workers, police said.

The issue of drivers' licenses for illegal immigrants has become a flash point in many states, including Maryland, where the General Assembly regularly debates legislation that would close the doors of the Motor Vehicle Administration to those who can't prove their legal status. Maryland is one of eight states that issue driver's licenses to foreign-born residents regardless of their immigration status.

Immigrants' rights advocates contend that issuing licenses to illegal immigrants encourages safer driving because it subjects immigrants to testing. But critics of immigration contend that border security comes first.

Sun reporter Julie Scharper contributed to this article.,0,2798315.story?coll=bal_business_util


Aug. 13, 2007, 5:59PM

Family's night out ends in a tragic I-10 wreck
Couple, child killed when car struck by drunken driver, police say

Brandon Brown was driving on I-10 early Sunday when he saw the wreckage that had been snarling traffic for several hours.

"I saw them towing off the van and I saw the other car, but I didn't know what kind of car it was," Brown said. "I gave it no second thought."

Only later would he learn the car was his sister's, and that she, her new husband and her 2-year-old son had died in the flaming wreckage. They were victims, police say, of a drunken driver whose blood-alcohol level was three times the legal limit.

Brown had driven by the fiery site Saturday night, shortly after it occurred about 8:30.

"They had the freeway blocked off. I went all around the accident," said Brown, still stunned after learning what happened.

Family members said Tenisha Williams, 26; her husband, S.J. Williams; and her son, Xavier Brown, 2, were returning from a movie when their Toyota Corolla was rear-ended by a speeding Dodge van in the 8700 block of the East Freeway.

"When (the other driver) hit the car, it hit the gas tank," said Felinda Williams, Tenisha's mother. "She spun out of control. When it was spinning, it burst into flames."

Police said the driver of the van, Juan Felix Salinas, 42, was treated for minor injuries at Memorial Hermann Hospital, where his blood-alcohol level tested at three times the .08 legal limit for intoxication in Texas.

Salinas, who was out on $1,500 bond for a previous charge of assaulting a family member, is facing three counts of intoxication manslaughter, police said.

Witnesses told police Salinas was speeding and rapidly changing lanes just before his van rear-ended the Toyota.

"The guy in the van came around me going fast — I was going like 60 or 70 and he went past me like I was crawling. I told my wife 'Watch that car — he's going to hit that car.' And he did," said Daniel Garcia, who was driving with his wife and three boys.

Garcia, 39, said he pulled onto the shoulder and tried to help Tenisha Williams out of the fiery car.

"She kept saying 'Help me' and I would say, 'Ma'm I'm trying to,' " Garcia said.

He sent his son to collect fire extinguishers from trucks that had pulled over and, along with seven others, tried to extract her by prying doors open and breaking windows.

"The fire was just too hot," Garcia said.

He said he also spoke with Salinas.

"He tried to tell me that she had pulled out in front of him. I said 'You're lying, I saw it all,'" Garcia said. "He was buzzed, his speech was slurred."

Tenisha and S.J. Williams had been married for just over a month, and "she was loving it," her mother said.

"They were in their own little world," Felinda Williams said, calling her new son-in-law "a quiet guy with a smile all the time."

On her MySpace Web site, Tenisha Williams wrote that she was "in love with life and life is also in love with me."

Of her new husband, she wrote, "I never knew I could love someone so hard."

Xavier, known to everyone as "Peanut Butter," was the family's pride and joy, Williams recalled.

"We all loved him," she said, looking at the photographs her daughter posted of Xavier on her MySpace.

She said the family's strong faith will help them endure the pain of their loss.

God, she said, "gives you no more than you can stand."

Chronicle reporter Jennifer Leahy contributed to this story.

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English-speaker says landlord's message is clear

Terrel Aeriel, Dashon Harvey & Iofemi Hightower Murdered, Natasha Aeriel Severely Injured, 5-Year-Old Raped

Left to right: Natasha Aeriel, Terrel Aeriel, Dashon Harvey, Iofemi Hightower

Suspect Pleads Not Guilty in New Jersey Students' Execution-Style Deaths

Friday, August 10, 2007

NEWARK, N.J. — A Peruvian national in the U.S. illegally and who was previously charged with raping a 5-year-old girl pleaded not guilty Friday in the execution-style slayings of three young college students, a day after he surrendered to the Newark mayor.

Jose Carranza, 28, aka Jose La Chira, entered his plea before Essex County Superior Court Judge Michael Casale. A second suspect, a 15-year-old boy, has been held pending a detention hearing, and authorities said more arrests were "imminent."

Carranza, of Peru, was being held on $1 million bail. He turned himself in to Newark Mayor Cory Booker after his fingerprints were lifted from a bottle in connection with the shootings of four college students on Saturday. Three were killed but a fourth survived and was hospitalized after the shootings in a Newark schoolyard.

FOX News has learned Carranza, who has a fake Social Security number, had been arrested on charges of raping a 5-year-old girl and then threatening the child and her parents. In that case he faced a 31-count indictment.

In another, he was arrested on assault charges stemming from a bar fight.

Immigration officials apparently were aware of Carranza's illegal status since his prior arrests, according to Essex County Sheriff Armando Fontoura.

Relatives of the victims embraced each other as they entered to watch the hearing.

Carranza's attorney, Felix Montalvo, called Booker on Thursday to arrange his surrender.

“He said, ‘Mr. Mayor, we’d like him to be turned in directly to you,’” Booker said Montalvo, who also is a close friend, told him.

On Wednesday night, police arrested the 15-year-old boy who along with Carranza is accused of murder, attempted murder, robbery, weapons offenses and conspiracy to commit the crime of robbery, Essex County Prosecutor Paula Dow said. Authorities were seeking to have the minor tried as an adult.

Dow said she doesn't believe there is any familial relationship between the two in custody.

The teen, who is Hispanic, is an American citizen with a Newark address, Booker said.

“I don’t think words can describe the level of emotion I feel,” he said of the crimes.

“We will confirm that there are others we are looking for," he said, adding, "I am confident all the suspects in this investigation will be apprehended."

Carranza's attorney, Montalvo, led him by the hand during his surrender.

“He simply came forward," Booker said. "He said nothing. We put him in handcuffs."

The sole survivor of Saturday night's shootings, 19-year-old Natasha Aeriel, provided information from her hospital bed after being shot in the head.

Aeriel was with her brother, Terrance Aeriel, 18; Dashon Harvey, 20; and Iofemi Hightower, 20, who were forced to kneel against a wall and were shot execution-style outside a Newark school.

The students had been planning to attend Delaware State University.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.,2933,292717,00.html


Teen murder victim fought back

Court documents are shedding more light on the murder of a 15-year-old Texas girl in a Milwaukie apartment last month. They show that the victim, Dani Jen’e Countryman, struggled with her alleged attackers and that a bloody shoe worn by one of the suspects matched an imprint left on her chest.

Two cousins, Alejandro Emeterio "Alex" Rivera Gamboa, 24, and Gilberto Javier Arellano-Gamboa, 23, are charged with aggravated murder in Countryman’s death. Countryman was found strangled on July 28th at the Balboa Apartments.

According to probable cause documents obtained by Fox 12, Rivera Gamboa said he woke up that morning to find his cousin on top of Countryman. As Countryman struggled, Arellano-Gamboa asked his cousin for help, deputies said.

The documents say Rivera admitted to stepping his foot on Countryman's throat until she stopped moving, Fox 12 reported. As detectives investigated the killing, they found blood on a shoe that matched the size of shoe worn by Rivera Gamboa, authorities said. The pattern of the shoe also matched an imprint on Countryman's upper chest, according to detectives.

The fact that two people were arrested for the killing and that Dani fought back did not come as a surprise to her grandmother, Sandra Wright. “I kinda felt there were maybe two people involved because I don’t think one could have held her,” Wright told AM 860 KPAM in a telephone interview from Texas on Monday night. “She was a little dynamo.”

“We knew she was gonna solve her own case,” Dani’s sister Ashley Countryman said. “I’m glad she put up a fight.”

The two suspects were arraigned in Clackamas County on Tuesday. They are scheduled for a preliminary hearing on Aug. 14th.

“I ordinarily…don’t believe in the death penalty, but I think in this case I wouldn’t have a problem with it,” Wright said. “I’d like to see them suffer. I’d like to see someone strangle them like they did my granddaughter.”

Authorities said Monday it was a bit of a surprise to make these arrests so soon after the murder. They called the investigation “complex” and said it involved a large number of difficult interviews and the tedious collection of critical forensic evidence.

Authorities have said that the two sisters had gone to the Balboa Apartments for a party on the night of July 27th. They separated at some point and spent the night in different apartments at the complex, located at 2717 S.E. Courtney Rd. Ashley Countryman found the body while looking for her sister.

Ashley Countryman lives in Oregon City and her sister was visiting from Texas.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has placed a hold on the two cousins, officials said Tuesday. Once they are tried in the criminal system, they will be taken into ICE custody and immigration proceedings will begin against them.