Friday, March 2, 2007


The trial for accused rapist Ricardo Cepates has been scheduled for mid-October. He is charged with raping six people, including a couple of Rutgers students and a 14-year-old girl. However, if the illegal alien had been deported in 1998 when he had been arrested for grabbing a Brunswick woman on the street and holding a knife to her throat, all of this violence might have been avoided. Despite a deportation order, he pleaded guilty in 1999 to weapons charges and was released on probation, rather than being repatriated as the law requires. Cepates was caught after he attempted to rape a young clerk in a music store and was chased down on the street by the store owner's nephew, who wrestled the perp to submission in the snow with the help of some others in the neighborhood. Update 10/27: Ricardo Cepates was convicted of 26 counts of kidnapping, rape and robbery. He faces a possible life term in prison when he is sentenced in February. The Honduran illegal alien has additional charges still to be tried of attacking four other women, one of whom was raped in her home.

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