Friday, March 2, 2007


Ahmed Hassan Al-Uqaily, a resident of Nashville, told an acquaintance he wanted to "go Jihad" because he was unhappy about the war in Iraq, his home country. He was arrested Oct. 7 after paying $1,000 for the purchase of two disassembled machine guns, four disassembled hand grenades and hundreds of rounds of ammunition from a federal agent, so he was serious about murdering and blowing up. He also was interested in procuring handguns and missiles. According to the affadavit, Al-Uqaily expressed anger toward Jews and discussed Jewish facilities in Nashville, although he made no threats against specific sites. The video here notes the remark that this was "an arrest that could have saved lives." This terrorist sounds like a random jihadist, rather than someone wired in to larger groups of sleeper cells; otherwise he would likely have easier access to weapons. But this case brings up the obvious question: why do we allow the continued immigration of potential enemies? Al Uqaily was caught because an old friend ran into him and didn't like what he heard, and the friend then became an informant. It was only luck that the would-be terrorist was arrested. Udate, 6/1/05: al Uqaily pleads guilty to illegal possession of weapons. Sentencing is scheduled for October 24, and he may receive between 4 and 10 years in prison. Despite his humble employment at a doughnut shop, al Uqaily had $43,000 in his bank account. Some doughnuts.

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