Friday, March 2, 2007


On October 19, 2003, the ex-quarterback for the University of Colorado football team, John Hesler, was driving his Honda Accord on Interstate 76 in Colorado when it was clipped by an SUV sending it across a median and into the path of a pickup truck, causing a horrific accident. The driver and passenger of the SUV fled the scene and haven't been found. The Colorado State Patrol told Hesler's family that they most likely are in Mexico. As of March 2006, John Hesler was still going through extensive physical therapy. The car that caused the accident did not have insurance. Since the driver was not apprehended or ticketed, no one knows whether he had a license. Most likely he did not, but even if so, false documentation is a major problem in Colorado, as well as across the USA. John was in a coma for 33 days and has had to undergo extensive rehabilitation.
Excerpt from Website letter from John’s Mom:We had a young man from Safeway come up to the room the other day carrying these trays of food. I asked who they were from and he said "me". I said I know Safeway but what name sent them? He said "me" I said why you. He proceeded to tell us that he was behind John and he stopped and went to John's car and John wasn't breathing. So he went and opened the passenger door and got in and lifted John's head and he started to breath again right away. He stayed with John holding his head till the amb. got there. I still cry when I tell this story because this guy is truly a hero in our eyes. Thank you again for saving our son.

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