Friday, March 2, 2007


Agent James Paul Epling, 24, U. S. Border PatrolDrowned during pursuit of suspected illegal aliens, December 16, 2003
Agent Epling disappeared on December 16, 2003 during the pursuit of four suspected illegal aliens. His body was recovered from the Colorado River on December 20, 2003. Agent Epling had been last seen running down the river in pursuit of the suspects after first pulling a woman to safety from the raging river .A Federal grand jury indicted 22 year old Jose Antonio Vasquez Villasenor for immigrant smuggling in connection with Agent Epling’s death on December 30, 2003.

On this date three years ago, I heard the words that I was expecting but dreading, "Monica we found Jimmy's body on the bottom of the river." With that I knew that my love was gone. I started to think about things that noone ever wants to think about, and try to figure out what was going to happen to your kids without you around. I knew I would never hear your voice again only in dreams and that unfortunately is not enough. But, sometimes Seth does things or says things or looks just like you did, and that lets me know that you are still here. I know that in order to understand this you must experience this, and I am greatful for your strength and guidance. As the boys grow they are more like you every day. Although you are not here to touch and see, you will be here with me in them, and looking at me through Seth's eyes. I know that you knew from the minute he was born that he was just like you not only in resemblance but in his personality. When I feel sad and alone I remember your smile and he always knows just what to say. You left me the greatest gift that no memory or picture can replace you left me your love in those two boys, I know you are still watching us and I hope that you are proud of us because we are so proud of you. We will always love you, and until I see you again you will always have my heart. Your Mom asked me to tell you that she still loves you and misses you. I know that you know that. To those officers that are still in Yuma can you please go visit frequently for us, whether youknew us personally or not it means alot to my boys and I. Thank you.Jimmy I will always love you, and the boys miss you so much.
Monica Epling Wife 2006-12-19

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