Saturday, February 17, 2007


Bret and Jennifer Schwartz of Hollywood, Florida, did everything the right way when they hired a nanny to take care of their baby: they hired her through an agency, hired a private investigator and checked references. However, the child's fearful reactions when the parents left her in the hands of Peruvian Claudia Muro made them believe they might have made a mistake. Sure enough, the hidden video cams showed the woman violently shaking the child and possibly slamming her on the kitchen floor. At this writing, Muro is in jail with $150,000 bail, charged with four counts of felony child abuse. Immigration officials have put a hold on the case, indicating Muro is an illegal alien. Whatever the woman's immigration status, this case shows the danger of hiring any immigrant because of the limited time frame that a background check can encompass.

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