Saturday, February 17, 2007


Little Madelyn Cumpston is sitting next to a statue of her older sister Annie, who was killed in a hit-and-run accident. Six-year-old Annie was struck and killed in downtown Baltimore as she and her family were leaving the circus March 22. At school, Annie Cumpston was active in dance and gymnastics. But as the family left the circus, even holding her mom's hand couldn't save her from being struck by a truck driven by illegal alien Guillermo Diaz when it veered into the crosswalk. She died later that evening at the hospital. After striking the little girl, Diaz drove off. Witness Ryan Jones tried to stop the fleeing Diaz, Jones became caught on the door of the truck and was dragged for a distance. When Diaz was arrested, he did not have a driver's license, the tags on the truck were expired and his blood-alcohol level was 0.07 percent, just below the state limit of 0.08. Diaz has been in the United States illegally for four years doing construction work. At sentencing in early October, Diaz received 10 years in prison but is eligible for parole in just two years.

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