Saturday, September 1, 2007


American flag comes down from office as landlord pushes Spanish plaza ‘vision’
World Net Daily
September 1, 2007

STUART, Fla. – The battle over a South Florida business ordered out of its location purportedly because the tenant speaks English and not Spanish is now headed for the legal system.
Tom McKenna, who recently sold his Seacoast Water Care business to a competitor, told WND he now plans to sue his landlord for discrimination.
“Not reverse discrimination, but discrimination,” McKenna said. “I’m being discriminated against whether I’m Hispanic or whether I’m English. The fact that somebody’s singling me out because I don’t speak a specific language or I don’t fit their criteria of what I should be in this particular plaza I don’t think is fair.
“If it were reversed and I was Hispanic and there were two other American businesses in here occupying the other storefronts and the owner of the property said to the Hispanic business owner, ‘Guess what? You’ve got 30 days to move your business outta here because … I want an English-speaking plaza serving the English people in the area,’ there’d be a firestorm from all civil-rights groups across the country including the ACLU.”
WND spoke with McKenna during a small “end of an era” ceremony yesterday outside the vacated office where the Stuart, Fla., resident based his water-conditioning business for the last seven years.
An American flag flying from the top of Seacoast’s former headquarters was taken down, and a small group of friends and former colleagues were treated to free hot dogs and beer.
McKenna had Old Glory flying as a sign of American pride, while he vented his frustration. He believes many illegal aliens are being given preferential treatment over U.S. citizens.
“There are a lot of people [who over the years] came from other parts of the world who didn’t speak English. They came in the early 1900s and they learned that the only way they were going to further their career and to further their families’ wealth was to learn English – and they did. It seems like now it’s reverse, like, ‘OK, they’re Spanish and we gotta learn Spanish because we gotta get along with them.’”
“It’s great to have two or three languages, but if you don’t have a second language, why should I be forced out of my little plaza because my sign doesn’t say ‘El Seacoast Agua’?”…..

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