Thursday, September 13, 2007

Illegal Immigrant Faces Death Penalty For Phoenix Murder

Suspect has been deported five times since 1988

Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas says his office will seek the death penalty against an illegal immigrant who allegedly shot and killed a Phoenix man in May. Demetro Acosta-Uribe, 42, is charged with murder in the death of Ivan Santos. Santos was shot to death after he was bound and his head covered in plastic wrap.

Thomas says Acosta-Uribe was deported five times. The first one took place April 29, 1988, and the most recent deportation occurred on May 7, 2004. "The murder case is a textbook example of how wide open borders expose the Valley to violent crime," says Thomas. "It is amazing -- but, sadly, all too common -- that a criminal suspect who had been deported from this country five times was back again committing more crimes."

Two other men were found on the property where Santos' body was found. They were both restrained in the same manner. Neither had been shot, but one of the men would have suffocated had a neighbor not rescued him. Thomas says the case underscores the importance of securing America's borders. "The government's continuing failure to control our borders has made Maricopa County's residents vulnerable to the worst kinds of violence."

September 13, 2007


Mariana Garcia said...

It does not make a difference the fact that these people are illegal. I can make a blog about people that have been murdered by Black people and then say that they should've never been brought here from Africa or that segregation is the solution. Lady, this is 2007. If you think that race, age, sexual orientation or legal status make a difference...then...I guess we all are murderers and rapists. New Orleans was the number one most murderous city in 2006, and only 3% of the city's population is Hispanic, threfore probably only about 2.5% is illegal??. Hope you approve this comment. Your readers need to know the real facts.

Faye said...

You're going to have to prove your statistics. And we're all tired of your convoluted logic. Nothing has been said about race, age, sexual orientation.... just legal status. And all these people --- FORTHY-EIGHT THOUSAND SINCE 9-11 -- would still be here if the illegal aliens had NOT BEEN HERE. LOGIC. DOES THAT ESCAPE YOU?

HEEL said...

Mariana - The real facts are - Illegal means ILLEGAL WTF don't you get IDIOT!!

Anonymous said...

why dont you compile a list of how many lives have been taken by crazy white people , so we can compare ,, but then again u might want to continue blaming the united states problems on one category of people that i assume you do not belong to

ICE said...

Round-up and deport every last one of them. We do not need genetically challenged, illiterate, illegal aliens pulling our country down to mexico's thirdworld level.

DinTN said...

Mariana did you look at this guy? Does he look like someone you'd like to invite into your home? You are blind girl! This guy is typical of these third world scumbags that you would defend!

I say burn him and all like him!

Anonymous said...

FOX 11 News has learned that the teenage gangmember charged with murdering high school football star Jamiel Shaw is illegally in the U.S. It's been more then a week since the LAPD announced the arrest of Pedro Espinoza, a member of the notorious 18th Street Gang... Now immigration and customs enforcement officials confirm Espinoza's illegal status. John Schwada brings us the story

Right now said...

Why is there so much femicide in mexico right now? Why are the Mayan girls always exploited and raped by the Spaniard mexican.? Why are the Guatemalan mayan women the most murdered women in hispanic countries? Why are there no rights for rape victims in Guatemala and Mexico?

Because Mexico and Guatemala has a White european conquering spirit that is left by their spiritual ancestors, the Spaniard Conquistador. Catholic through and through. And the language? Spanish, the language of the most bloody of the european conquerors.
Now they want to carry that conquering here to the USA. Mexicans, learn to treat your own native people with care and respect before you make the claims of Native American ethnic heritage! You treat your native women like shit. I know I have been to Chiapas 4 times and to Mexico in general 10 times.