Monday, July 30, 2007


Man charged with raping 6-year-old


Scott said...

Here is another horrible event that happened in my neighborhood in northern CA. She was only 12 year old. Do a Google search for "Jennipher Gingery" yes with a 'ph'.
Here is a link:

I am freinds with the parents and they told me that he Raped Her. And has come back to abduct her. She has been brainwashed by him. She is only 12 yrs. old. The Press Democrat story does not do it justice.
The names used by the Illegal Mexican who has done this is ;
Jose Luis Carlos, Zaragosa


Anonymous said...

I think you guys are waisting your valuable time, fithing these people that you know we need here. There are opportunities for everybody, and if you were a little bit more intelligent you would see this as an opportunity not as problem. There are thousands of homes on the market right now that this illigals could buy if they were legal, and this could help our economy, think of how much money you could make if you were a little bit intelligent and come up with an idea to offer a service to all these people.

This people risk their lives to come to this country, so they are no afraid to anything, this is why lots of them own their own businesses and are succesful.

Probably we all would be in a better situation, if we help these people, instead of fighting them.

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Faye said...

Scott - I'll do the research and add Jennifer. Thank you. 12-years-old...

Anonymous said...

stop protecting these people dick. Besides they don't help the economy they hurt it. ?Making them legal will cost us 2.6 trillion dollars. Mexico is corrupt country that allows the harm of our citizens on a daily basis and lets the crimminals walk free in mexico.