Thursday, May 10, 2007


NUECES COUNTY, TX - A Nueces County jury reached a guilty verdict at about 5 p.m. in the trial of an illegal immigrant who’s accused of raping an elderly woman in her Annaville home. Testimony wrapped up with emotional appeals to the jury from the prosecution and defense.
The jury deliberated for about two hours after hearing emotional closing arguments from the prosecution, who described the agonizing ordeal the victim lived through - so painful, she thought she thought she was dying.
“Terrible, brutal, vicious, inhuman, you could say these were acts committed by an animal,” Prosecutor Bill Ainsworth said.
Ainsworth described how 22-year-old Eugenio Sandoval brutally raped a 64-year-old woman. The victim sat behind her alleged attacker as Ainsworth tried to convince the jury to find him guilty.
“I don’t think your going to have any doubt or any problem coming to the conclusion, to the poor victim in this case,” he said.
Ainsworth reminded the jury that Sandoval’s skin cells were found on a bra that was used to tie the woman to her bed during the horrific ordeal.
“She was punched in the face; she was urinated on, and was brutally raped,” Ainsworth said. “Every way that someone could be raped.”
Sandoval’s attorney said Sandoval admitted to breaking into the woman’s home, but denied raping the woman, and burglarizing her home. He told the jury that there isn’t enough evidence for a guilty verdict.
Sandoval’s attorney said another man who was with him that night committed the rape.
“I use the word to describe my client as a sacrificial lamb,” Defense attorney Jim Lawrence said. “That’s what we have here.”
But the jury felt Sandoval was guilty on all charges. The punishment phase of the trial begins Thursday. He now faces as much as life in prison.

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