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Teen Rape Victim's Mother Angry at System
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by Julie HaydenGREELEY --
The mother of a 13 year old rape victim says the legal system is bending over backwards to protect the two illegal aliens accused in the crime, at her daughter's expense.
The mother says it's not fair that her daughter has to miss school because defense attorneys demand she appear at routine court hearings. The young girl was required to appear at a motions hearing for 24 year old Eduardo Bocanegro.
He and 20 year old Apolinar Ortega-Valtierra are accused of kidnapping the girl in Greeley last September and of taking turns raping and sodomizing her. The mother says her daughter was traumatized by having to be in the same room as Bocanegro. "Right now, my daughter's in turmoil. She's having a hard time with everything.", Ruth says.
"She just wants it over and now she wishes she didn't come forward and say anything because she feels like she's the one being prosecuted instead of being the victim." Numerous motions mean the case will probably cost the girl a summer vacation to Disneyland and will intrude on her first days of high school. Prosecutors say there's nothing they can do. Ruth says, "Everybody in the court system, they're trying to accomodate these guys that hurt her."
Well, what about accomodating her? What about making sure that it gets done and it gets done accurately and it gets done fast so she can get on with her life."
Bocanegro's trial is currently set for the end of June. The other defendant's trial date has not yet been set, as he is claiming he is incompetent to stand trial.
Fox 31 received numerous calls and emails from caring viewers who want to help.
Anyone wishing to contribute to the family's recovery can do so by sending cash, check or a money order to:
Ruth's FundNorbel Credit Union1220 9th AvenueGreeley, Colorado 80631



Ruth Carrillo said...

I am the mother of the 13 year old. Everyone told me time will heal all wounds, but how much time? It has been two and a half years and my daughter is still seffering from the acts of these two males. I still am unable to work because I have to protect my daughter, not so much from other people but from herself. I do have to defend some of the ileagel people out here in the United States. I believe no matter where the offender is from, a rape will hapen no matter what. It does not matter is the rapist is white, black, hispanic, or even orental. If they are here illeagely or by birth, it does not matter, it will hapen. We live in a sick and perverse society and until people open there eyes it will keep on going, but what about the after math of it all? Like I stated to Julie Hayden, The two offenders had and still have more accomadations then my daughter has or will ever have. Now, we have to fix this problem in our court system some how. Does anyone have any ideas? I'm willing to take my time to put a voice out there. Who is willing to help?

dionysus said...

Ruth, I can agree that rape is rape no matter what races are involved. I've done too much research on illegals and was astounded that other countries don't consider rape to be a big deal when it is in reality a life-changing, traumatic event. A further problem is that our law enforcement and judicial systems don't want to mess with the illegal immigration aspect and find many ways to get out of prosecuting them when they commit crimes -- any crimes. Another is that many organizations rush to their help; i.e., MALDEF, ACLU, Mexican embassies, LULAC, NCLR and the victims are left being called "racists." It's a sickening situation.

I started this blog as a way to draw attention to the problem. We used it to contact legislators. Peter Wagner has since started Victims of Illegal Alien
Crime, VOIAC, in conjunction with Family Security Matters and they are putting quite a bit of pressure on legislators. You might check the VOIAC site and make sure your daughter's story is included and see if they have anything going on that you can participate in.

I also work through Americans for Legal Immigration, ALIPAC, Federation for Amreican Immigration Reform, FAIR, and NumbersUSA to bring pressure on our legislators. They're free to join, provide an outlet, and are very organized in confronting bills before Congress and in getting information out to the public. Just type their names into your search bar.

In the meantime, it sounds like you and your daughter could use some comfort and counciling. Here's a link that will get you to a rape crisis center in your area. Please contact them. Another suggestion would be to contact your local hospital. Rape counciling should be available in Greeley.

Type in National Sexual Assault Online Hotline in your searchbar and follow directions. You should be able to reach a local organization by typing in your zip code.

Take care and God Bless You -- Faye