Friday, March 2, 2007


Melissa Dorner was only 21 when she was murdered in her own apartment in Chicago. Her friends remembered her as a "wonderful, caring human being" and many notes and flowers in remembrance were left in front of the apartment building. She graduated from Evanston High School in 2002 and worked as a hostess in a restaurant. Melissa had fought off an accused serial rapist Mario Villa a year earlier. Her strangled and beaten body was found Jan. 24.
The apparent killer is Roberto Ramirez, who is believed by police to have fled to Mexico. He was last seen in Chicago with blood on his clothes and scratches on his face.


Jacqueline said...

Melissa Dorner was my best friend. She was an angel in life and now she is an angel. My life, and many others, were turned upside down when she was taken from us. I think about her every day. She was out-going, beautiful, fun, friendly, and truly a good-hearted woman.
I am very greatful for the people who were involved in locating and apprehending Ramirez. He was convicted for murdering Melissa.
I am extremely relieved that she got justice. However, I 'd rather have my best friend back. A piece of my life is forever changed and missing. I remember forever Melissa's life. She is greatly missed not only by me but by every person's life she touched.

Jesse said...

its been a while now and it still sucks. I, like Jaqueline, was a friend to Melissa and will miss her dearly. I always get a little down this time of year, and we all think about her i know. One thing i always remember is that as long as i remember the good times, she will live on forever through all of us. We miss you.

Brittany said...

Melissa Dorner was the most kind and beautiful person I had ever met. Sadly she barely had the chance to live the life she deserved. Melissa was such a giving person, but she was in no way naieve. It is still a mystery how Ramirez gained entry to her apartment. She didnt know him, I lived in the building with her, she would have called me if she was going somewhere. I am glad that Ramirez will be in jail until he is in his 80's but honestly I hope he never sees the light of day again. Melissa's friends and families lives were forever changed by Melissa's death but more importantly, for her short 21 years here, Melissa made the world a happier place, anyone who knew her would agree.