Saturday, March 3, 2007


Since the story was strikingly similar to numerous other stories coming in from around the nation that involve illegal aliens and gang rape, ALIPAC e-mailed a request to Grand Junction Daily Sentinel newspaper reporter Mike Wiggins regarding his latest article on these crimes. Wiggins responded: "I believe some or all of (the) three may be illegal immigrants, though I haven't heard anything mentioned about it at any of their court hearings." Reynaldo Tuyub, 21, Carlos Soberanis, 34, and Lorenzo Varguez, 28, have been arrested and charged with sexual assault, kidnapping and third-degree assault. Authorities say the three men kidnapped a woman from a gas station near Grand Junction and took her in a van to a Colorado National Monument on August 22. According the Daily Sentinel reports, Soberanis confessed he was the driver of the van and had driven the woman up to the monument at the direction of Tuyub and Varguez. He said he watched at least two men have sex with the woman but denied participating in the rape, according to court records. A district judge has assigned court appointed attorneys for two of the men. A third has waived his right for a preliminary hearing and will be arraigned on Jan. 24. A search of the Google news service indicates that no media outside of Grand Junction is reporting this story at this time. This is common practice when a story involves illegal aliens that commit gang rape. Incidents of alleged gang rape are widely reported when the suspects are American citizens. Frequent news searches on the topic of gang rape indicate that a high percentage of gang rapes in America involve illegal aliens. "We are seeing two very clear patterns," ALIPAC President William Gheen said. "There is a clear association between illegal immigration, illegal alien gangs, and the crime of gang rape. The second trend is that these rapes are reported locally and not picked up by the national or statewide news agencies if the suspects are illegal aliens. Similar incidents involving legal U.S. citizens are reported nationally." This is the sixth incident of gang rape by illegal aliens ALIPAC has reported in a little over three months. Several other gang rape stories and stories involving illegal aliens are being suppressed. Police arrested six illegal aliens near Charlotte, N.C., on or around October 10 and charged them with the gang rape of a Huntersville woman. Each illegal alien had a valid North Carolina driver license. The story was posted on ALIPAC's Web site and forwarded in a release to national and state news outlets. To date, no media outside of the immediate Charlotte area have reported this crime except for one article in a newspaper in Myrtle Beach, S.C.

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