Friday, March 2, 2007


During the fourth week of October 2006, Amy was driving her red Honda Civic on State Route 67 in California. An illegal alien, Rafael Ramirez Perez who had multiple prior arrests and convictions and who had been deported, snuck back into the United States and was driving drunk. Perez was abruptly weaving in and out of traffic, making contact with multiple vehicles before finally slamming into Amy’s vehicle head-on, killing her instantly.
During a highly emotional court session, it was obvious that there is not only grief amongst Amy’s family members, but also a large dose of anger. And Amy’s parents indeed have every right to have such anger. Perez returned to the U.S. by sneaking across the U.S./Mexico border, while our President, Congress and Senate are interested in dissolving that border along with the Canadian border to create a “financially lucrative trading partnership” called the “North American Union” where all three nations become one big continent. Therefore, government has chosen to not only snuff their noses at Amy, but they intend to ensure more “Amys” are murdered all for the sake of a few billion more dollars in profits for themselves and their corporate buddies.
We here at Mexican Hezbollah Blog & Forums assure Amy’s family and all the other victims that they will not be forgotten. And each precious life lost to the “enemy from the South” only deepens the resolve of thousands all across the United States to become active and to put an end to this corporate-government-sponsored tragedy.

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