Saturday, March 3, 2007


On June 3, 1998, Border Patrol Agent Alexander Kirpnick was assigned patrol duties at Ephraim and Mariposa Canyons in the Nogales area of the Tucson Sector during the midnight shift. He and his partner responded to sensor traffic. About an hour after setting up, they heard foot traffic approaching and spotted five individuals carrying what appeared to be illegal contraband. When the suspects came closer, the agents identified themselves as Border Patrol Agents and moved forward to contact the suspects. Agent Kirpnick moved toward two suspects close to him and his partner moved toward three in his area. Agent Kirpnick’s partner heard Agent Kirpnick order the two suspects to sit down and soon after heard a gunshot. He then went to Agent Kirpnick’s position and found him prone with a wound in the head. Agent Kirpnick passed away at the University Medical Center in Tucson. Agent Kirpnick, an immigrant from Ukraine, was a graduate of the 322nd session of the U.S. Border Patrol Academy in Charleston, South Carolina.
U.S. Customs and Border Protection


Redoubt said...

Thanks for the informative blog...

Faye said...

You're welcome. You might also be interested to know that ALIPAC is making banners on Americans lost to illegals. Their work is at ALIPAC, General Discussions, Honoring Lost Americans Memorials. These are being faxed to Congress and elsewhere.

You can print the stories off on this site. They print one story at a time. I selected 10 that affected me deeply, printed the cover letter and am sending them to Congress, newspapers, and radio stations. Links to Texas newspapers and radio stations can be found on my other site, I found these links by just searching Texas newspapers, Texas radio stations so I'm sure anyone can get theirs by just changing the state on their search.

I ran across a beautiful video while researching for this site. It was made by a 20-year-old named Jeremy in Houston. I'll try to give a link, but my computer skills and this blog site are lacking in a lot of areas. If the link doesn't work, type in the URL on your address bar.

Well, that link didn't work.

Ok. Go to YouTube. Search the site for "Crime Victims of Illegal Aliens" and it comes up.