Tuesday, February 13, 2007

WHIDBEY ISLAND 2 Dead, 2 Wounded, 7-yr-old Raped

• In June 2002, these four residents of Whidbey Island in Washington were the shooting victims of a Jamaican national who was evidently frustrated that he had ruined his plans to get a green card through marriage to an American woman. Preston Dean "Hugh" Douglas angered his girlfriend Holly Swartz because he had sexually abused her seven-year-old daughter. When Holly moved herself and her child into her mother's house, Douglas reacted by shooting Holly, her mother Marjorie Monnett (the mother of eight children), Marjorie's son Bruce and Bruce's girlfriend Sierra Klug. Holly and Marjorie were killed, and Bruce and Sierra survived. Douglas shot and killed himself. Reportedly Douglas was in the country illegally, although he was working as a bouncer at a local Chinese restaurant.

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