Saturday, February 17, 2007


Jennifer Karagiannis sat angrily, tears running down her cheeks, as she listened to the man who killed her mother wail that he was sorry.

Ceber, 43, of Deer Park, broke into Violet Karagiannis' home one night when she was out last May, then grabbed two carving knives, cut her phone lines and waited in her bedroom closet. When she came home, he jumped out and stabbed her 20 times as she begged for her life, prosecutor Bob Hayden said.Then Ceber, an undocumented Turkish national, turned himself in to police, giving them a full written and videotaped confession, Hayden said."Are you happy now?" Jennifer Karagiannis cried at Ceber Friday. "Every day I think about her, and I have to think about how you killed her."Jennifer Karagiannis, 29, who lived with her mother, came home after the murder and didn't realize her mother was dead until the police arrived at her home a few hours later, prosecutors said.

Hayden said Violet Karagiannis and Ceber had been dating for about four years, but Karagiannis had ended the relationship early last year. Ceber began preying upon her afterward, calling her as many as 48 times a day and following her when she went out with her friends. On the night of the murder, Ceber phoned Karagiannis' home, begging to talk to her, but Jennifer told him she was going to call the police if he did not leave her mother alone.

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