Saturday, February 17, 2007


Shown in the photo is crime victim Tracy Owen of Nashville. The pregnant woman was murdered because a couple of drunk illegal aliens thought they had struck her in a traffic accident, so they decided to kill her in order to cover up the incident. In fact, it appears that they did not hit Tracy Owen with a truck at all, but she had fallen. Still, rather than offer aid to an injured woman who was pleading for help, the response was for the younger man to shoot her her five times. Both men were charged with criminal homicide. Police detective Robert Swisher remarked "In my 22 years on the job, I have never seen anyone executed, and I mean executed, because someone thought they had hit the person with a vehicle. It sickens me." The shooter, Antonio DeJesus Idelfonso, is 17 years old, and a later hearing will decide whether he will be prosecuted as an adult. IHC has analyzed a lot of terrible crimes, but this one breaks new ground in the category of illegal alien hit and run — hit and murder. In another disturbing report, driver Eliseo Marcelino-Quintero said that Idelfonso grabbed the truck's steering wheel and tried to run down Owen when he saw her.

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