Monday, February 19, 2007


These two deputies were shot in Mesa, Arizona, by an illegal alien whom they were trying to arrest while executing a search warrant. Fortunately, both have wounds that are not life threatening, although Lewis Argetsinger may lose the use of his hand. Sean Pearce was shot in the chest but was protected by body armor; he was hit in the stomach just below the vest. Sean Pearce is the son of Rep. Russell Pearce of the Arizona legislature who was in Washington to appear on an immigration panel at the Brookings Institute when he received the news that his son had been shot. Russell Pearce was an active supporter of Prop. 200 which won at the polls in November and requires that voters and would-be welfare recipients show proof of citizenship.

Russell Pearce is a father whose police officer son Sean was shot and wounded by an illegal alien. Pearce is also a member of the Arizona House of Representatives. Rep. Pearce worked for border enforcement before his son was shot and was a strong voice for Prop 200, the Arizona citizen's initiative requiring that prospective voters and welfare recipients show identification, which passed in Nov. 2004. But now he has one more reason, a personal one, to work through the legislative process to protect America's sovereignty and people.

As it happened, on the day Sean was wounded, Rep. Pearce was in Washington to speak at Brookings on the subject of immigration policy. "I was interrupted and given a message to call (wife) LuAnne in reference to an emergency at home," Rep. Pearce remarked later. "I called to find out my son Sean had been shot while executing a search warrant on a home for homicide suspects and was being flown by helicopter to the hospital. I later learned the suspects and the shooter were illegal aliens and had been issued Matricula Consular cards so they could get services in the United States."

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