Saturday, February 17, 2007


Joseph Crummy was allegedly murdered by illegal alien Jesus Hernandez for $1345 that the Lehi, Utah, stucco contractor supposedly owed his one-time employee. This is an unpleasantly murky case where a 38-year-old man is dead, leaving a pregnant wife and four children. Hernandez reportedly shot Crummy in the face as they argued about the money at a job site, firing five or six rounds. A witness helped guide police to Hernandez a few hours later, who was at his mother's house where he surrendered. He is being held on $500,000 bond and is being investigated for murder, obstruction of justice and possession of a firearm by a restricted person. Apparently Crummy did not pay a lot of his Hispanic employees, since a number of complaints had been lodged against him about wage disputes through the Utah Labor Commission, as had Hernandez. Those complaints were resolved or pending, so the killer would likely had received his money if he had followed the law. But border jumper Jesus Hernandez ended up showing his disdain for American law in the most extreme fashion. And Joseph Crummy's law-breaking employment practices ended up being very expensive indeed.

Convicted murderer Jesus Hernandez didn't understand that as an illegal alien employee, he had already accepted that he would be exploited. When he wasn't paid by boss Joseph Crummy of Levi, Utah, for some construction work, Hernandez demanded his money and then shot Crummy. He didn't allow the American legal process to work by suing to get his back wages (as several other Crummy illegal alien employees had successfully done). But as an unlawful foreign worker, Hernandez had not shown much respect for our nation's legal framework.
During the trial proceedings March 23, when asked by the judge whether he thought the shooting was justifiable, the killer replied, "I think it was." The back wages amounted to $1,345, which Hernandez believed justified murder.
This is another tragedy, created Washington's immigration irresponsibility. If America's laws for border and workplace enforcement were actually followed, Joseph Crummy's five children would likely still have a father. Hernandez is scheduled to be sentenced May 3.
Sentencing Update (5/4): Hernandez got a mere five years for the murder.

Brenda Crummy said when the police officer came to her home that day in January to inform her of her husband's death, she was nine months pregnant and her parents were in China on an LDS Church mission. She had to find a neighbor to console her in her great moment of grief.
"I was all alone," she said. "It's the worst thing you can ever have happen to you in your life."
Crummy said she's also experienced considerable health problems and financial duress since the murder of her husband and her children remain traumatized after losing their father.
"When they see someone Hispanic, they think he's coming to kill them," she said, adding that she has had to teach her children "some people make bad choices." Brenda Crummy said Hernandez's anger and frustration did not justify his senseless act of violence and said everyone has to deal with the daily stresses and hardships of life.


Lawanda said...

People should read this.

Faye said...

Yes, lawanda, they should. I cannot condone Mr. Crummy's method of doing business. Indeed, I fight for employers of illegals to be prosecuted. We as a nation have fought hard since at least the Industrial Revolution to obtain fair work practices. Another thing I see is that "family values do not stop at the river," just as Bush said. The only problem is that Bush doesn't have a realistic idea of the family values held by those south of our border.