Saturday, February 17, 2007


Gary Selby was killed when an illegal alien with a blood alcohol level at three times the legal limit, Samuel Avalos Gallardo, drove over the dividing line and struck head-on the car Gary was driving. The three passengers were all badly injured but recovered. Gary's death occurred in October of 1992 when he was just 18 years old and just a few months after he graduated from high school. He was the older of two sons, and is still terribly missed by his family. The drunk illegal alien, Samuel Avalos Gallardo, was arrested at the scene, tried and sentenced to 40 years for the death and injury he caused. Incredibly, the Nevada Department of Corrections wrongly placed Gallardo on a minimum security work detail, from which he escaped just six months into his sentence. Ten years later, this criminal is not behind bars where he belongs, but lives free somewhere. Gallardo's freedom remains a source of pain for Gary Selby's family, who still hope for the capture of the criminal and some justice.

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