Saturday, February 17, 2007


Lee Malvo was evidently the trigger man for the series of shootings in fall of 2002 in the Washington region that killed 10 people and terrorized a huge area for weeks. Young Malvo came to this country with his mother as an illegal alien stowaway, and as such, should have been immediately returned to his native Jamaica according to law. But the INS is often more concerned with saving money on jail costs than protecting the public, so Lee Malvo was released into America to do as he wished. Also, Bill O'Reilly found evidence that a local immigrants' rights group inserted its influence to have Malvo set free rather than be deported. Not that the young man was an obvious candidate to be a serial killer, but with a quarter of federal prisoners being illegal aliens, the problem of alien criminals is serious and often overlooked by sentimental propaganda like, "They only come here to work."

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