Tuesday, February 13, 2007


• Compared with many on this page who suffered violent crime, Barbara Vidlak got off easy with just identity theft. Still, you wouldn't want her problems. The rip-off of her Social Security number by an illegal immigrant has caused Barbara's phone to be turned off, loss of health insurance for her two kids as well as extra money out of pocket from the 34-year-old Omaha resident for credit checks and other expenses, such as lost time at work. She also had to act as a detective to track down the culprit who has filled her life with turmoil and stress. The reporting on this crime is notable for its relentless sympathy for the perpetrator, even when the damage to the victim is obvious for all to see. Rather than note how illegal immigration is not a victimless crime, reporter Cindy Gonzalez quotes an "immigrant rights" advocate who says that "In some ways, both women are victims."


Anonymous said...

She did lose the health insurance for her kids. That is paid for by the childrens husband. She only lost the medicaid for the kids. Darn, I guess she may have to pay a bill for herself.

Faye said...

Do you have grudges against single mothers?