Saturday, February 17, 2007


Ariel Sellouk was murdered when his throat was violently slashed, nearly decapitating him. There are many questions about this crime, which occurred in Houston, August 6. The victim was an Israeli and the accused killer, Mohammed Ali Alayed, is a Saudi citizen with an expired student visa. One story refers to the two being "friends" although Alayed's roomate said that he had never seen the victim before. Apparently Sellouk and Alayed met for a drink, then went back to Alayed's apartment where he allegedly killed Sellouk in front of the roommate. Since there is no apparent motive, the family believes the act is a hate crime and terrorism and the local Anti-Defamation League intends to pursue that possibility. However, police say Alayed has a history of selling drugs. He was arrested about a week later when he was found hiding in a closet of the same apartment complex where he lived. Update, Jan 12, 2004: Saudi national Mohammed Ali Alayed pleaded guilty to the killing. Although police could not establish a motive for the murder, Alayed went to a local mosque after the crime and had recently become more actively Muslim.


Dj Diva said...

Hello I just want to say that this crime that was commited to a beautiful young man that I happened to know and loved will never be forgotten. We all need to prevent such hatred and crimes from even taking place in the USA!
It has been 5 years now and he will always be in our heart and minds. I still cant belive that that "piece of trash" that did this is just going to live off the GOVERMENT!! He should have recv'd the death penalty!!
And for the pros. to say that it wasn't a hate crime is so blind!
I know that not all Muslims are this way but the ones that are need to be stopped!!
I love you Ariel!

Melissa said...

I miss you Ariel!