Saturday, February 17, 2007


According to Boise-based federal agent J. Kent Nygaard, the murder of Angie Leon is a crime that never should have happened. He wrote to immigration officials in February 2002, warning them that America's permissive policies in dealing with criminal aliens were putting citizens' lives at risk. He noted these details about the killing of Angie Leon by her estranged husband: "Mr. Leon was convicted on March 18, 2002, in the District Court in Canyon County for possession of a controlled substance, making him an aggravated felon under INS laws calling for mandatory detention and institution of deportation proceedings. Those deportation proceedings were never instituted even though INS was aware of the case." Angie Leon was shot to death May 19, 2003, in her Nampa, Idaho, apartment while her three young children and her mother, Sylvia Flores, called 911 from a car in front of the residence.

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