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Jerod Clark, Reporter
Created: 12/1/2006 5:22:30 PM
Updated: 12/1/2006 11:19:52 PM

Alleged Border Patrol Impersonator Speaks

The sign in Carl Wynn’s front yard says, “Contractors who hire Mexicans are traitors,” tells it all when it comes to his opinion of illegal immigrants."I've been a carpenter all my life. It's what I've done all my life. Frame house right here in West Little Rock for these same builders. When the Mexicans come in and work for half price, we can't work for that price,” says Wynn. “I can't get no more work."Wynn says he spent his time going to construction sites in the city and taking video of workers he thinks are here illegally in hopes of getting them deported.Wynn says, "I've had guns pulled on me. My buddy's had a knife pulled on him."For safety, Wynn says he wore the uniforms, which made him look official. Police confiscated them Thursday. Investigators say the clothes are border patrol uniforms. Wynn disagrees.He says, “This is what was on the front pocket and it says citizens task force, it doesn't say I was a police officer. Only twice was I asked if I was a border patrol agent and I told them both times, ‘No I'm not, I'm a citizen.’"Police also confiscated a badge Wynn says is a collector's item.“I never wore the badge,” says Wynn. “I was going to, but when I put it on in front of the mirror I thought that was too much, I'll get in trouble for that."Wynn is also charged with sending threatening letters to construction company owners. He says they were full of facts on immigration law and his rights.He says, "People have the authority and absolute right to enforce citizens arrest and I think that's what got me arrested. Because the last pamphlet I sent him said he could be arrested by citizens and I could arrest him.”Police confiscated spikes they say Wynn left at work sites that punctured tires."When they chase me, I run in my car, I throw those down. I drive away. If they run that far, they step on them," he says.Graham Smith's construction company was a target of Wynn’s tactics and he did not think it was harmless."I feared for my employee’s safety and for mine and my family’s safety. If he's doing this at my office, what's to say he wouldn't come to my house and do that too," he says.Police arrested Wynn Thursday, but he says he's far from done. “I plan on doubling my efforts because I don't think I've done anything wrong and I'm going to be putting up more flyers and signs than I ever have," Wynn says.Wynn is charged with criminal mischief and sending harassing communications. Police say he could also face federal charges.

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