Friday, February 23, 2007


A driver who dragged an 11-year-old girl nearly 500 yards after striking her with his van, leaving her severely injured, pleaded guilty to two felonies.

Mauricio Sanchez, 33, pleaded guilty Wednesday to two counts of criminal vehicular operation resulting in great bodily harm.

State sentencing guidelines call for 18-month stayed sentences for the two counts, but Dakota County Attorney James Backstrom said he will ask for a three-year prison sentence.

“We believe this man showed particular cruelty, and his attempt to flee after striking the young girl resulted in life-threatening and permanent debilitating injuries,” Backstrom said. “She was close to dying.”

Sentencing was set for March 21, 2007.

Sixth-grader Gladys Reyes was dragged Jan. 28 in West St. Paul and remains at Regions Hospital in serious condition. Her right arm was amputated because of her injuries.
Sanchez asked to be sentenced immediately because he has been distraught since the accident, said his lawyer, Patrick Cotter. Backstrom said he thinks Sanchez wanted to be sentenced immediately to protect himself from more serious charges, should Reyes’ condition worsen.
A native of El Salvador, Sanchez could face deportation proceedings after his sentence.


Anonymous said...

Get a life, you racist, bigoted, bitch!

Faye said...

I've ordered a psych exam for you. Please report to the nearest ER. They're waiting for you and will provide the best of care for you to ensure that your psychosis is taken care of and you might once again rejoin the human race as a caring human being.

Anonymous said...

You spelled "amok" wrong, moron.

The Coalition said...

Do you ever consult a dictionary? The PREFERRED spelling is "amok." I prefer the one I used.


Anonymous said...

Faye- why focus on illegal immigrants? Crimes of equal immorality or worse are being conducted by many legal Americans.
Grouping people by color or race is about as justified as putting a frog and a green crayon in the same catagory. Yes, we're all different colors and races but at the same time we're all people-- all capable of the same things. I'm not sure what you're trying to prove by posting this. I do not believe people should immigrate to our country illegally because we're not able to check their past and see their crime history but at the same time I am not racist and am able to make the distinction between the two.

Maybe you should invest your time into making a change in the world.

One love-

Faye said...

Crimes committed by illegal aliens is only one area I'm working on. I was led to this one area by the research I was doing on the main problem which is the establishment of a North American Union. Illegal immigration is one method that is being used to accomplish this goal. Many methods are being used. Sure, we have our own criminals, but I was astounded by the fact that so many illegal immigrants are released back into our society for crimes you and I would go to jail for simply because our law enforcement and judicial systems do not want to deal with the illegal immigration issue or the time and paperwork involved. The net result is that we now have a complete section of our society who were not held accountable to the laws that hold the fabric of our society together. This is changing with the publicity we are bringing to the escalating severity of crimes committed.

Take the issue of illegal aliens driving drunk, for instance. First, they've come across the border illegally. Then they obtain illegal documentation. Then they go to work for people with no scruples who use them to increase their profit margin and in the process, erode the laws that we have worked for literally hundreds of years to advance the rights of common people. So then they get arrested for driving drunk and with no license or insurance. They're let go with a slap on the hand and a small fine. Or, if they're bound over for a trial, they just skip out. They crawl back into the same car and head back out to do the same thing again until they kill someone. Hence, these stories which are so devastating. But other things are happening as a result also.

I spent a great many years working in personnel before becoming a nurse. I had a set of books above my desk called the Fair Labor Standards Act... all the federal laws that had been established with long, hard work by many people to protect us in the workplace. When I was doing personnel work, the laws stated that employers were required to allow their employees a 15-minute break every 4 hours and to provide at least a 30-minute break for lunch every 8 hours. I had occasion to refer to this area because of a blow-up between some nurses and administration. The law had been rewritten. The way it reads now, your employer doesn't even have to let you stop to eat, much less give you a break. This was probably accomplished with an amendment tacked onto an unrelated bill that our Congress passed without even reading it. True, most of us don't encounter the full effects of this change because most employers are adhering to the now "custom" of allowing breaks and lunch periods. But it's no longer law. Sit back and think about the implications over a long period of time and large numbers of people allowed to cross our borders illegally.

Another instance of a change... I had someone come to me because of my prior background. He was a Safety Supervisor. His immediate boss was making him dig post holes for the horse corral on his private property on company time. And clean out the stables, and move the secretary to her new apartment and work on her car. You can accurately guess why this married boss was so helpful to his secretary. Are you familiar with the saying, "That's not in my job description?" There was a reason people used this saying. Companies could be held to account for making employees work outside their job descriptions. I called the Texas Commissioner on Employment. His agent told me there was nothing we could do and the only option this employee had was to shut up or find another job. So that law is gone also. What will you do when you've worked yourself up to a supervisory position and your boss walks in and tells you that your job for the day is to go to his house and clean his bathroom? Or even to come in on your day off and do it? That's what this boss was doing to his employee. That is now possible... and legal.

A few years ago, there was an attempt to pass a bill to eliminate overtime. Now, you can view this as greedy employees trying to line their pocketbooks or you can take a long view and envision employees being required to work as long as the employer wants them to up to and including the state of exhaustion. If the law is changed, the possibility exists, especially when people are required to work longer and longer hours. The OT requirement holds this possibility in check because the employer has some liability. Without it, he doesn't have to consider anything.

Another thing they're trying to change is the legal age of consent. Illinois was heading this up a couple of years ago by trying to pass a bill to lower their age of consent to ELEVEN! Think about it. That would open up all kinds of doors taking us back to 200 years ago. Child labor could then be allowed. If a child was raped, the defense would automatically be that the child asked for it. I have seen this excuse used many times because it seems to be the custom for our neighbors south of the border (I know I saw it used with a four-year old girl and that was only one of several instances), but so far, our judicial system hasn't allowed it to pass. But if they're successful with lowering the age of consent, you can bet that it will be legally considered. Think about it. Want that used with your daughter?

The last entry on this site discusses why no more entries have been made. So I am not just picking on crimes committed by illegal aliens. But if you hold to that view, you will have to answer my rebuttal question of why you would indiscriminately add to our own criminal element? Each of these crimes were 100% preventable. If you have a problem which would be 100% solvable, why would you elect not to use that solution? Our immigration laws all contain sections that would eliminate criminals from being in our midst. Illegal immigration only opens the door for them and shouts, "COME ON IN AND DO AS YOU PLEASE." Our judicial system is putting them back on the streets time after time until they commit crimes that draw the public's attention. In one of these stories, the guy had been let go SEVENTEEN times until he killed someone. So what will be your reaction when the victim is one of YOUR children... or YOUR mom, or YOUR husband?

I'm working to preserve your rights and your way of life. And I'm asking you to become educated in all areas of this issue and become observant of what's going on around you, and to join us in our fight. Because that's what it is... a huge fight going on that most people are totally unaware of.